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In today’s challenging market, employers need an advisor who offers cost-effective benefit solutions. From navigating health reform, to achieving financial results with competitive benefits, Hammitt Benefits Group’s proactive approach ensures you stay in compliance and on-track. Our suite of resources and capabilities distinguish us as your advisor-partner in decisions that not only impact your bottom-line, but the health and productivity of your employees.

  1. As your advisor, we represent you – not the insurance companies. Hammitt Benefits Group is committed to offering our clients the full range of products and services from all insurance carriers, not just a select few. We ensure you have a true market analysis that best fits your needs.

  2. Starting with a foundational assessment of your goals, corporate culture, competitive landscape, and current benefit offering, we will fully collaborate with you to make informed and confident decisions.

  3. Each and every year, we conduct a competitive market analysis for our clients. This ensures you receive the latest and most value-driven plans to fit your budget and objectives. Our clients rely on our expertise with renewal analysis and vendor negotiation, which is validated by our proven track record and best-in-class benefit solutions.

  4. At a time when renewal premiums are increasing, we understand how valuable your resources are. Hammitt Benefits Group understands your employees are the engine that drives your success. Let us help you design a “culture of wellness,” significantly reducing your healthcare costs through widespread employee participation in proactive health and wellness initiatives. We offer employers a performance-based program that is designed to measure, monitor, and reward individuals who are improving their health and meeting or exceeding their goals. Performance-based programs positively impact the employer’s bottom line, as well as overall employee health.

  5. With our library of resources, HBG develops custom enrollment materials so your employees understand how their plans work, and how valuable they are as a part of a total compensation package. We provide on-going communications through a variety of sources:

    » Benefit guides for open enrollment
    » Monthly newsletters educating members on such topics as wellness, preventative care, retirement planning, pharmacy trends, and more
    » Information to keep members current on health care reform
    » Planning for seniors: long-term care & Medicare news

  6. Human resources departments in every company are challenged with staying on top of industry requirements, state and federal mandates, and new legislation compliance requirements. We proactively help you reduce your exposure to legal and financial risk by keeping you informed.

    As part of our HBG team commitment to your compliance needs, we’ve incorporated strategic partnerships with CPAs, ERISA attorneys, HR consultants, along with an integrated HR compliance library. Our clients have access to our personalized website that offers in-depth FMLA, HIPAA, and COBRA information, trends on IRS audits, legislative guides, and more.

  7. Your HBG team incorporates the latest technology helping you improve efficiency, and save time and money.

    » Online enrollment, billing, and administration
    » Web-based COBRA administration
    » Electronic compliance filing
    » Benefits administration assistance with HIPAA, COBRA, and FMLA
    » Claims advocacy and EOB reconciliation
    » Billing and provider issue resolution
    » Eligibility verification and tracking
    » Signature-ready IRS 5500 Form filing

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